EXPO-NET Danmark A/S

A family owned company founded in 1959 

EXPO-NET Danmark A/S was founded in Copenhagen in 1959 by factory owner Ejnar Klinkby who had the licence rights to a world patent to manufacture plastic nets. The first plastic net machine was installed and the packaging net for the packing of fruit was the first product to see the light of day. After a few years, operations were moved to larger premises in Rødovre due to rising demand and expansive product development of many different types of net.

The success of the company continued and it was then decided to move the business to the regional development area in Hjørring. A 16,000 m2 plot was bought and another of the same size was bought in 1971 to build a larger factory, and Ejnar Klinkby's son, John Klinkby, took over as manager of the company in connection with the move. Today the company is led by John Klinkby’s son, Lars Klinkby.

We have our own design and development department, and we have more than 9,000 m2 of modern production hall, warehouses, showrooms, offices and our own machinery workshop where we carry out our own repairs and build specialist machinery for production.

Since 2002 we have been the co-owner of a French sales office, and in 2004 we opened our own sales office in the United Kingdom.

We now have more than 50 years’ experience of high-tech manufacturing of plastic nets and fencing, and a very modern production process is used. The development of this special process is based on different techniques so that it is ideal for the production of customer-designed products which are used within different types of industries.

This very modern and flexible production technique also enables the continuous development and production of nets with different net structures in a variety of widths, diameters, mesh sizes, strengths, etc. In this way customers are always guaranteed a perfect solution.

Flexibility, delivery reliability and a close and loyal cooperation with the customers are the reason that EXPO-NET Danmark A/S is now considered to be a world-class supplier which exports to more than 30 countries within and outside of Europe.