EXPO-NET Danmark A/S has in many years supplied various kinds of filter media applied for cooling of different types of liquids. Common to all cooling media is that cooling is directly proportional with the area per unit of volume. This means that a filter media with a large area also has a large evaporation surface which can deflect the heat from the liquid. Furthermore, another important thing that has to be fulfilled is that the filter media has to be self-purifying and it has to be constructed in such a way that air easily passes through the filter media.

Choosing filter media for cooling therefore depends on the condition of the liquid in question.

The most applied type for cooling of liquids is BIO-BLOK® 100, 54 x 54 x 55cm, corresponding to an area of 100 m2/m3 from dry condition. We refer to General information about BIO-BLOK®.

We draw your attention to the fact that EXPO-NET Danmark A/S is able to design special cooling blocks according to our customers' requests and specifications.


Nuclear Power Plants  
Elektrabel nuclear power plant in Doell, Belgium, is the biggest project which EXPO-NET Danmark A/S has supplied with cooling blocks.

The plant consists of two cooling towers each with a diameter of Ø 65m and approx. 70m high. In each cooling tower approx. 17,000 m3 cooling blocks are installed.
Cooling Block  
A special designed cooling block with the dimensions 110 x 55 x 45cm.

The assignment was to develop a media that could break the cooling water heavily, however, without being capable of retaining the suspended solids which this specific cooling water contained.