Holland, Belgium & Luxembourg


Sales office in Holland

Servicing Holland, Belgium & Luxembourg

EXPO-NET Danmark A/S
Dietsveld 36
2025 BH Haarlem

Mobile: +31 (0)6 13485883

E-mail: info-nl(at)expo-net.com
Web page: www.expo-net.nl and www.expo-net.be

Offices, production and warehouse are closed the following dates:

13th - 17th of April 2017 (Easter)
12th of May 2017 (General Prayer Day)
25th - 26th of May 2017 (Ascension Day)
5th of June 2017 (Whitsun)
21st of December 2017 - 2nd of January 2018 (Christmas)

Furthermore, the production is closed the following weeks:

Weeks 29, 30 and 31(Summer holidays)

Bank information

Danske Bank
Østergade 26
DK-9800 Hjørring

Payment in EURO:
Account no.: 4745-4745573797
IBAN: DK0930004745573797

Payment in DKK:
Account no.: 9206-3299140725
IBAN: DK2630003299140725