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How to get in contact with EXPO-NET Danmark A/S

You are always welcome to contact EXPO-NET Danmark A/S for more information about our products and expertise within specific areas. We can of course always provide samples, if required.

For more specific details or enquiries, please contact:

Denmark, Iceland & the Faroe Islands: salg(at)
Sweden, Norway & Finland: info-se(at)
United Kingdom & Ireland: info-uk(at)
Australia & New Zealand: info-au(at)
Holland, Belgium & Luxembourg: info-nl(at) 
France: info-fr(at)
Other countries: sales(at)

For general information: info(at)
For the accounts department: bogholderi(at)

You will find further information about our sales departments by clicking on the flags to the right or on the links in the menu to the left.

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You are naturally always welcome to contact us by phone if you have any questions or comments about our products. Alternatively you can fill in below contact form and we will get back to you with a reply soonest possible.
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For further information, e.g. how to find
our factory, please click on below link:

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