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29/09/2015 Is your shark about to give birth?

Then you need a net to give the female shark peace and tranquillity…

EXPO-NET supplies a whole range of nets and meshes. All our products are inert, allow air, fluid, sound and light to pass through making them suitable for a vast range of applications… some more unusual than others!!

For example recently one of our products was supplied for use in an aquaria to prevent fish and other animals disturbing a shark which was about to give birth.

In the LEGOLAND® park's aquaria area Atlantis by SEA LIFE in Billund, Denmark they chose to use EXPO-1311 as a fence below the water level. In this way the shark could stay in the aquaria, but at the same time have a section of the aquaria to itself until the baby shark had been born. 

The Danish produced net is made from the environmentally friendly material polyethylene, and it is therefore well-suited to be used in aquaria areas. The net is very strong with meshes big enough to see through from the other side of the net.  

To read more about the LEGOLAND® park's Atlantis by SEA LIFE, please click on the following link: » Atlantis

To find more information about the net type EXPO-1311 used for this specific project, click on the following link: » EXPO-1311

And the following link will direct you to our BIO-BLOK® products which are used within the aqua culture: » BIO-BLOK®

Should you need a net or a fence for a similar project, we should be pleased to hear from you! 
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