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Latest News

24/09/2017 Rigid plastic cores and cages for cartridge filters

Expanding our range of products for filter cartridges

An increasing interest in our rigid plastic cores and cages for use in the manufacture of filter cartridges together with product development in close cooperation with our customers has made it possible for us to offer a wider portfolio of products with different diameters, mesh sizes and thicknesses. We also work with a broader range of polymers to suit our customers specific requirements.  

To see our new data sheet listing examples from our extensive range of standard cages and cores, please click here. To read more about the products on our website, please click here.

We also have the pleasure of introducing the following new products:

Black cores and cages for activated carbon cartridges


Pleat support polymeric mesh to act as reinforcement and aid flow and separation with filtration pleated media.

We look forward to assist existing as well as new customers with our knowledge and expertise within the filtration industry.

The Sales Team at EXPO-NET