Latest News

Latest News

09/04/2013 Did you know... that EXPO-NET started the manufacturing of BIO-BLOK® elements back in the early 1980's.

BIO-BLOK has recently been introduced to some of the UK Water Authorities and is already proving a great success.

BIO-BLOK® is a superior Biological Waste Water Treatment Media

with numerous  benefits including:

- Simple and Cost Effective
- Easy to Install
- Infinitely expandable and extendable
- Encourages rapid bacterial colonisation and does not encourage algae growth
- Can reduce capital expenditure by the upgrading of existing plants
- Self cleaning
- Copes exceptionally well with shock loadings
- Exceptionally long media life which is virtually maintenance free
- BIO-BLOK® has a proven track record round the world 

For more information regardring our BIO-BLOK® range of proucts, applications and technical advise contact

Niels-Erik Espersen
+45 97 42 90 98