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26/08/2011 Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary

The 25th of August 2011 HRH Crown Princess Mary visited EXPO-NET...

EXPO-NET have for some time been looking forward to Thursday 25th of August and it was certainly a great pleasure to welcome Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark to our company. With pride we took her through our show room, our production area and our high technological workshop. Last stop on the conducted tour was at our warehouse gate where a donation to the Danish Heart Association was presented to the Crown Princess before she left EXPO-NET A/S and continued the programme of the day.

During her tour the Crown Princess learned about our BIO-BLOK® products which are also exported to Tasmania where the Crown Princess grew up.


Reception: HRH Crown Princess Mary, Lars Klinkby                                        HRH Crown Princess Mary greets the people

and John Klinkby (from left)                                                                               who welcome her by her arrival at EXPO-NET.

Information in production area: Lars Klinkby,

HRH Crown Princess Mary and John Klinkby (from left)

Lis Nielsen and Nikolaj Klinkby (not on the photo)                                           HRH Crown Princess Mary receives the cheque
hand HRH Crown Princess Mary the cheque of                                               witnessed by all the EXPO-NET employees in the
DKK 25,000.- from EXPO-NET and the employees                                         background
made out to the Danish Heart Assosiation .

Maria Klinkby ready to give a flower bouquet to

HRH Crown Princess Mary

Flower bouquet to HRH Crown Princess Mary