Snow Fencing


Snow Fencing

EXPO-NET snow fencing stops drifting snow. Through the years, EXPO-NET snow fencing has been used by almost all Danish county and local authorities – and also in other European countries.

Our snow fencing is usually set up along roads to stop drifting snow. However, it can also be used to prevent sand drift along coasts.

Furthermore, these types are also well suited as temporary barrier in connection with excavations or major sporting events.

This type is the original snow fencing type. A very effective stop against drifting snow or sand drift.
Type 16 is more or less identical with type 15, though a bit wider. The applications are the same as for type 15.
F23 is a type with a completely different structure. This type can also be used to stop drifting snow or sand, however, it is not quite as efficient as the types 15 and 16. This type is very useful for barrier fencing. » Read more

The following types are included in our standard range:

  Article no.   Type   Mesh size   Width   Length   Colour
  '023345-100'   F23-100cm   40 x 35mm   100cm   50m   Orange
  '023345-120'   F23-120cm   40 x 40mm   120cm   50m   Orange
  '029002-'   15   40 x 35mm   100cm   25m   Orange
  '029001-'   15   40 x 35mm   100cm   25m   Black
  '029003-'   15   40 x 35mm   100cm   25m   Green
  '029011-'   16   40 x 40mm   120cm   25m   Orange
  '029010-'   16   40 x 40mm   120cm   25m   Black
  '029012-'   16   40 x 40mm   120cm   25m   Green
All measures are approximate.

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