Drainage of Rain Water


Drainage of Rain Water

EXPO-NET BIO-BLOK® drywell – The professional solution to local drainage of rain water

Rain water is a valuable resource. As a contractor, sewage contractor or advisory engineer you can help preserve this irreplaceable resource.

With relatively simple methods using the BIO-BLOK® rainwater drywell, the rain water can be channelled back into a natural water cycle and thus the load on sewage systems and purification plants can be reduced.

The principle is called local drainage of water. It simply consists of rain water from an urban area being channelled to a so-called drywell which can hold the amount of rainfall and continuously release it for seepage into the groundwater.

  Technical Specifikations:
  80 HD G
  80 HD GF
  Dimension (WxLxH)   54 x 54 x 55cm   54 x 54 x 55cm   Ø 54 x 220mm
  No. of elements
  per m3
  6,23 pcs.   6,23 pcs.   -
  Volume   0,160 m3   0,160 m3   -
  Percentage of
  hollow space
  95 %   95 %   -
  Water volume   0,152 m3   0,152 m3   -
  Weight   8 kilos   9 kilos   -
  Density   0.95   0.95   -
  Max. vertical
  pressure load
  ≤ 2.5 t per m2   ≤ 15 t per m2   -
  Max. horizontal
  pressure load
  ≤ 1 t per m2   ≤ 1 t per m2   -
  HVAC number   191894.080   191894.180   191894.820
  Article no.   '871080-55'   '871085-55B'   '871099-A'
All measures are approximate.

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