Did you know that you could get help with dimensioning?


Did you know that you could get help with dimensioning?

Did you know you can get free and non-binding advice in connection with the dimensioning of drywells, rainwater basins and wastewater seepage into the open countryside?

Many people found the theoretical scope and practical knowledge in connection with establishing the abovementioned drywells overwhelming and confusing.

This is why EXPO-NET Denmark A/S, of course, is offering help with some recommendations for options for dimensioning and thus ensuring that the product solution and project can be as good as possible.

If you want help immediately you can get this by sending an e-mail to assistance(at)expo-net.dk or by phoning/faxing:

     Phone: +45 98 92 21 22
     Fax: +45 98 92 41 89

Niels Erik Espersen

Niels Erik Espersen is a qualified engineer specialising in sewage techniques and purification plants, etc. He was employed as a municipal engineer in the public sector for 15 years. In the following 20 years, he was employed in the private sector, during the last 15 years of which he worked as a development manager for EXPO-NET Denmark A/S. Member of the Board of Trustees for the Danish Technological Institute for the preparation of Guidance in project planning, dimensioning, use and operation of drywells.

The following information must be provided before it is possible to dimension a rainwater drywell:

♦    Size of the drained, reduced area which is to be led to a drywell.
♦    Which type of soil the drywell is to be dug into (if possible, information on K value).
♦    Distance from ground to groundwater level.

If you have any other questions we will, of course, try to respond to these.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Spreadsheet – For calculation of BIO-BLOK® rainwater drywells:

EXPO-NET has asked a professional engineering company to make a spreadsheet for dimension calculation of BIO-BLOK® rainwater drywells. The spreadsheet calculates the necessary volume of BIO-BLOK® elements for five different soils (sand, coarse – sand, fine – silt – clay, sandy and clay, silty

To download the spreadsheet, click on the link below; we recommend that you save the spreadsheet on you computer before using it.

Before opening the spreadsheet for the first time, you have to make sure that the security level in Excel is set correctly. The security level has to be set on “Medium”. This is done by opening the Excel program, chose “Tools” in the main menu, click on “Options” and click on the Security tab – click on the “Macro Security” button, click on the Security Level tab and set the security level to Medium.

Thereafter you can open the spreadsheet. When opening the spreadsheet, always remember to click on the “Enable Micros” button in order to activate the formula that makes the calculations.

The use of this spreadsheet is at your own risk.

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