Temporary Road/Car Park


Temporary Road/Car Park

Grass areas can easily be reinforced with EXPO-NET reinforcement net in places which are to be used as e.g. temporary roads, car parks for exhibitions, animal shows or larger building sites, etc.

This type is especially suited in areas with light traffic. The net is very strong and flexible.
EXPO-1311 is mainly used in areas with very light traffic. This type has bigger meshes than EXPO-1211.

The following types are included in our standard range:

  Article no.   Type   Mesh size   Width   Length   Colour
  '020600-01'   EXPO-1211   8 x 6mm   2m   25m   Black
  '020610-01'   EXPO-1211 "L"   8 x 6mm   2m   25m   Black
  '020620-01'   EXPO-1311   27 x 27mm   2m   25m   Black
All measures are approximate.

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