Retarding Basin


Retarding basin

– Large-scale rainwater management using BIO-BLOK® elements

A retarding basin is a basin built in connection with large rainwater drainage systems. These retarding basins can be designed as both closed and open basins. The common aspect for both types of retarding basins is that they can be built up using BIO-BLOK® elements.

In the following, we will show how these basins can be designed so that the best result is achieved. BIO-BLOK® elements have a biological cleaning effect on the added water because the cleaning microorganisms can settle on a large active surface. BIO-BLOK® rainwater basins can also be designed to work together with e.g. plantations which keep heavy metals etc. away from the surface water.

  Technical Specifikations:
  80 HD GF
  Stacking pipes
  Dimension (WxLxH)   54 x 54 x 55 cm   Ø 54 x 220 mm
  No. of elements per m³   6.23 pcs.   -
  Volume   0.160 m3   -
  Percentage of hollow space   95%   -
  Water volume   0.152 m3   -
  Weight   9 kilos   -
  Density   0.95   -
  Max. vertical pressure load   ≤ 15 t per m2   -
  Max. horizontal pressure load   ≤ 1 t per m2   -
  HVAC number   191894.180   191894.820
  Article no.   '871085-55B'   '871099-A'
All measures are approximate.