All BIO-BLOK® elements must be assembled using stainless steel staples. EXPO-NET will be happy to hire out staple guns on request for assembling individual elements and can supply stainless steel staples.

Staple gun and staples

SElements fixed together

If the retarding basin is built up in several layers, a stacking pipe should be used to hold the layers in place. Depending on the soil load, BIO-BLOK® drywells can be built up in several layers. See more information under the section on Product data by clicking on the following link. » Read more

BIO-BLOK® stacking pipe

BIO-BLOK® stacking pipes are rounded in the ends in a conical shape, making the fitting of the overlying elements fast and simple. The conical ends of the stacking pipes “catch” the ends of the top element when the element is inserted.

Installation of stacking pipes

The use of stacking pipes in drywells with elements in several layers makes the elements function as a whole, locked unit, which contributes to an easy installation process when installing the drywells.

The drywell is locked with stacking pipes

All horizontal joins between the elements must be locked together with stainless steel staples. In this way, a strong and flexible construction is achieved that will be able to withstand the different loads of surrounding layers of soil, without the net tube construction of the elements breaking.

BIO-BLOK® fitted with stacking pipes