Detectable Net


Detectable Net

EXPO-NET detectable net marks and ensures that optical fibre cables and high voltage power cords are protected in an optimum way against excavator damages.

The unique mesh structure of the net ensures that the teeth of the excavator catch the net so that part of the net follows the dipper over ground and warns before the cables are damages; furthermore, the detectable wire makes it possible to identify the underlying cables.

M10-10cm with detectable wire
The net is as standard available in 10cm width corresponding to the width of the cable that is to be protected. This type is equipped with a detectable wire made of stainless steel.

The following types are included in our standard range:

  Type   Width   Length   Colour   Text
  M10-10cm with detectable wire   10cm   500m   Green   As agreed
  M10-10cm with detectable wire   10cm   500m   Orange   As agreed
All measures are approximate.

The M10 types are produced according to the DS/EN 12613:2001 standard.

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