Warning Net – Environmental Net


Warning Net – Environmental Net

EXPO-NET environmental net is the perfect separator between fresh, clean soil and old and possibly polluted soil. The net is used in connection with removal of soil polluted as a result of industrial spillage, buried waste, leaks from buried tanks and dumped chemical waste.

After removal of the polluted soil, the EXPO-NET environmental net is laid out on the ground and a layer of fresh soil is spread over the entire area. If at a later time the ground is excavated, the net will always clearly mark the separation between fresh, clean soil and old and possibly polluted soil.

Type 132 is made as a not-stretched net. This exact fact ensures that the net is stretched before it breaks which gives an effective exposure.

This net is approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.
134S is a stretched net. This type is the lightest of the three environmental net types and the net can easily be handled by one person.
EXPO1515 is also a stretched net, however, due to special production process used for this type, this exact type of net has a very large tensile strength when caught in the excavator’s teeth. 

The following types are included in our standard range:

  Article no.   Type  Mesh size   Width   Length   Colour
  '023200-01'   132-220cm   35 x 35mm   220cm   50m   Signal yellow 
  '023230-01'   EXPO1515   15 x 15mm   400cm   100m   Signal yellow
  '023210-01'   134S-400cm   25 x 25mm   400cm   100m   Signal yelllow
All measures are approximate.

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