Garden Fencing


Garden Fencing

EXPO-NET garden fencing is an ideal, environmentally friendly, and maintenance free product that lasts for years.

Garden fences never need to be painted, nor do they rust; and they are of course rot proof. A garden fence is strong and UV stabilised; it is green like the plants in the garden, and it is resistant to weed-killers and fertilisers.

The garden fences are easy to install and they are perfect for the DIY man.

Type 150 is a strong, stable and very decorative fence that is fitted to keep most pets inside the garden.

The following types are included in our standard range:

  Article no.   Type   Mesh size   Thread   Width   Length   Colour
  '550168-'   150   50 x 50mm   4.0mm   100cm   10m   Green
  '550182-'   150   50 x 50mm   4.0mm   100cm   25m   Green
  '550274-'   150L   50 x 50mm   3.0mm   100cm   25m   Black
All measures are approximate.

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