Gutter Tubes


Gutter Tubes

EXPO-NET gutter tubes are an effective and easy solution that elegantly prevents roof gutters from clogging.

The system is comfortable to use without any kind of tools – the tubes are simply placed in the gutter.

EXPO-NET gutter tubes fit in almost all roof gutter types.
Type 70M fits into almost all roof gutter types.

This type is a flat net that is formed into a tubes, so when it is placed in the gutter, it locks itself.
Ø90 Gutter tubes
This type and the bigger type Ø120 provide the easiest mounting solution; you just place the tube in the roof gutter.

The following types are included in our standard range:

  Article no.   Type   Width    Length   Colour   Per parcel
  '022078-'   70M   23cm   2m   Black   30 pcs.
  '022085-'   70M   30cm   2m   Black   15 pcs.

  Article no.   Type   Diameter   Length   Colour   Per parcel
  '022030-01'   Ø90 Gutter tube   90mm   2m   Black   10 lengths
  '022030-02'   Ø120 Gutter tube   120mm   2m   Black   10 lengths
All measures are approximate.

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