Rainwater Drywell – DIY


Rainwater Drywell – DIY

EXPO-NET rainwater drywell is a unique solution which ensures environmentally friendly rainwater drainage into groundwater.

Buying a BIO-BLOK® rainwater drywell you help protect and conserve the groundwater resources. At the same time the decreasing volume of stone resources, which are usually used for drywells, are economised on.

Besides this you also gain an extra advantage as you save about 80% on the digging as a BIO-BLOK® rainwater drywell holds considerably more water than a traditional drywell made of stone.

The BIO-BLOK® elements are manufactured from polyethylene, an environmentally friendly product which does not expel environmentally damaging substances and which has a long lifespan. Polyethylene is a green product as it can be 100% recycled.

A BIO-BLOK® rainwater drywell is normally constructed from BIO-BLOK® 80 HD G, 54 x 54 x 55cm.

We commend that you study our brochure carefully before start installing the rainwater drywell. » Read more

The rainwater drywell can be purchased in any local DIY centre. The drywell is easy to handle and transport.

The geotextile is wrapped tightly around the rainwater drywell.

Before you start digging, it is a good idea to place the rainwater drywell on the ground and mark exactly where to dig.

Remember also to cover the drainage so that you avoid earth from getting into the drywell.

When the rainwater drywell is installed and the drainage is connected, the drywell is wrapped in a geotextile before covering up.

The rainwater drywell is installed and ready for ”use”.

The following types are included in our standard range:

  Type   80 HD G   80 HD GF
  Dimension (W x L x H)   54 x 54 x 55cm   54 x 54 x 55cm 
  Cubic content   152 litres   152 litres
  Weight   8kg  9kg
  Corner strengthening   No   Yes
  Load (maximum)   2.5 tonnes/m2   15 tonnes/m2

Spreadsheet – For calculation of BIO-BLOK® rainwater drywells

EXPO-NET has asked a professional engineering company to make a spreadsheet for dimension calculation of BIO-BLOK® rainwater drywells. The spreadsheet calculates the necessary volume of BIO-BLOK® elements for five different soils (sand, coarse – sand, fine – silt – clay, sandy and clay, silty

To download the spreadsheet, click on the link to the right below the headline ”Data sheets etc.”; we recommend that you save the spreadsheet on you computer before using it.

Before opening the spreadsheet for the first time, you have to make sure that the security level in Excel is set correctly. The security level has to be set on “Medium”. This is done by opening the Excel program, chose “Tools” in the main menu, click on “Options” and click on the Security tab – click on the “Macro Security” button, click on the Security Level tab and set the security level to Medium.

Thereafter you can open the spreadsheet. When opening the spreadsheet, always remember to click on the “Enable Micros” button in order to activate the formula that makes the calculations.

The use of this spreadsheet is at your own risk.

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