Reinforcement of Driveways


Reinforcement of Driveways

When using EXPO-NET reinforcement net as foundation for your driveway, it disperses the pressure better, therefore, stones and flagstones stay where they originally were place.

It is easy to lay out the reinforcement net. First the layer of soil is surfaced, then a layer of hard core (approx. 20cm) is laid out and compressed. The net is placed over the hard core and covered by a thin layer of flagstone sand as needed (but maximum 4-5cm). It is recommended that the net lengths are laid out in the opposite direction of the flow of traffic and that they overlap each other by approx. 20cm. In order to fix the net you can e.g. use a round steel bar (approx. 1 meter long), bend it into a U-Pin and hammer it down through the two layers of net into the ground.

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This lightweight type is used for the reinforcement of driveways to prevent surface deformation and the sinking of flagstones.
A stronger solution that offering a stable surface even where the ground is soft or sandy.

If you are looking for a net with larger meshes, this is an alternative possibility.

The following types are included in our standard range:

  Article no.   Type   Mesh size   Thread   Width   Length   Colour
  '020610-01'   EXPO-1211"L"   8 x 6mm   2mm   2m   25m   Black
  '020600-01'   EXPO-1211   8 x 6mm   3mm   2m   25m   Black
  '020620-01'   EXPO-1311   27 x 27mm   5mm   2m   25m   Black
All measures are approximate.

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