Food Industry Nets


Food Industry Nets

EXPO-NET nets for the food industry are used for many different purposes within cheese dairies, smokehouses and in the restaurant/bar sector.

EXPO-NET is BRC/IoP certified ensuring the products below meet the strictest requirements on product safety, hygiene and quality control. » See BRC

Bar Liner  
The bar liner can be used for many different purposes. Apart from the traditional area of application as a slip-resistant bar liner the product can also be used to line drawers and shelves in restaurants. Furthermore, the strong temperature resistant net can be used in dishwashers where it ensures that glass and crockery do not move around.
The net reduces chip damage to glass and crockery and because of the special mesh structure it prevents condensation from appearing after washing.

We recommend type 6-60M-610mm, which is available in many different colours and lengths. The net is available in two qualities – 220 grm, and the somewhat thicker 330 grm.

The product can be impregnated with an antibacterial agent reducing harmful bacteria and unpleasant odours.
Cheese Net
Nets for cheese dairies are used in connection with cheese production and different types are recommended depending on whether it is for large, hard cheeses or for soft cheeses.

The large hard cheeses are laid on shelves with a highly profiled net (type 43A) to create ventilation and thus good storage conditions. The net allows for full process circulation and also makes it possible to pile the cheeses in several layers if a net is placed between each layer.

Fine-meshed nets (types 103 and 106) are also used for separating soft cheeses in salt boxes, so that it is possible to process several layers of cheese at the same time. The fine-meshed nets ensure minimal marking in the cheeses, and the lower thread in the net ensures maximum ventilation.
Smokehouse Net
Type 43A can also be used as a smokehouse net. The net can be used for both cold and hot foodstuffs such as fish and meat products.

When using a net, you get the huge advantage that the smoked product does not get stuck in the “net grid”. By doing this you avoid marks appearing and the fish or meat product is not damaged when you lift the smoked product off the net.

The net is manufactured in rolls but is also available in pre-cut pieces.
The following types are included in our standard range:

 Type  Width  Colour Length
 43A  100cm  Natural  25m
 103  50cm  Natural  50m
 106  81cm  Natural  50m
 *) 6-60M, 220 grm  61cm  Black  10m
 *) 6-60M, 330 grm  61cm  Natural  3m
All measures are approximate.

*) Available in various colours and lengths.

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