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Pallet Net

EXPO-NET pallet nets are used for the protection of components such as machined parts during transportation. The net separates the individual layers stacked on a pallet. When a pallet is packed, you start by laying a net sheet on the pallet. Thereafter you place a layer of the items in question on the net followed by a second net etc.

Pallet nets provide full ventilation through all layers, and you avoid condensation and stagnant air which can damage the items that are being protected.

The nets are manufactured from a range of polymers primarily polyethylene, but in addition an EVA polymer can be used offering unique characteristics such as increased friction and a softer surface.

This standard type is a solid, diamond mesh net. The net is UV stabilised.

The nets are available in roll form or as pre-cut pieces and are e.g. stocked in the standard size 76 x 116cm (EUR pallet size).
60M is also a diamond mesh net, and this type is ideal for protection of small items.
200M is a fine meshed pallet net. It is soft and formable and is therefore to wrap around the items that are to be protected.

The following types are included in our standard range:

 Article no.  Type  Mesh size
 Width  Colour  Length
 '020200-02'  31  10 x 10mm  81cm  Black  50m
 '020210-01'  35  15 x 17mm  100cm  Black  50m
 '020220-01'  36  20 x 20mm  120cm  Black  50m
 '205136-'  105  5 x 5mm  100cm  Green  25m
 '020230-01'  40M  8 x 8mm  75cm  Blue  50m
 '020230-02'  40M  8 x 8mm  75cm  Red  50m
 '020311-H-01'  72M  8 x 8mm  75cm  Blue  100m
 '020303-01'  60M  10 x 10mm  78cm   Black  50m
 '020319-04'  200M  2.5 x 2.5mm  78cm  Natural  50m
' 020250-01'  43A  5 x 5mm  100cm  Natural  25m
All measures are approximate.

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