Protective Sleeving


Protective Sleeving

EXPO-NET protective sleeving protects delicate components such as sharp-edged or chrome-plated shafts, and other machined parts requiring careful handling through their manufacture, transportation and in storage. Other applications which are ideally suited to protective sleeving is the protection of gas bottles, furniture legs, glass and ceramics.

The protective sleeving is tubular net sleeves resistant to greases and oils. The sleeves are very flexible and span over several different diameters. Furthermore, the sleeves are as a standard available in many different sizes and colours. The sleeves are available in roll form, as pre-cut pieces or packed in dispenser boxes.

Subject to a given minimum quantity, we are able to supply bespoke sleeves to customer specifications.

Our standard ranges – no. 81 Danish Range and no. 83 Classic – are supplied as rolls.

EXPO-NET protective sleeving is available in several different widths, lengths and colours.
Alternatively we have three ranges supplied in dispenser boxes – no. 82 French Range, no. 84 Global and no. 85 High Stretch.

Dispenser boxes ensure an optimum storage of the protective sleeving and the user can easily pull the sleeves up of the handy dispenser box and cut the sleeve in bespoke length.
Pre-cut pieces
A third and quite different solution is to get the protective sleeving in pre-cut pieces fitted exactly to the objects that are to be protected.

The following types are included in our standard range:

Range no. 81 - Danish Range

 Article no.  Type  Diameter approx.  Colour  Length
 '024180-80'  01A  Ø6-25mm  Grey  50m
 '024100-201'  3A  Ø9-25mm  Orange  100m
 '024101-50'  1  Ø10-30mm  Blue  50m
 '024280-64'  3B  Ø15-50mm  Light green  500m
 '024250-11'  3C  Ø20-65mm  Yellow-c  100m
 '024182-80'  1A  Ø25-40mm  Grey  50m
 '024190-70'  1D  Ø30-45mm  Brown  50m
 '024184-60'  1B  Ø40-60mm  Green  50m
 '024340-90'  2A  Ø40-75mm  Black  50m
 '024390-30'  2B  Ø40-95mm  Red  50m
 '024186-11'  1C  Ø50-85mm  Yellow  50m
 '024425-65'  3E  Ø60-180mm  Dark green  200m
 '024510-50'  2C  Ø70-130mm  Blue  25m
 '024900-10'  3D  Ø95-160 mm  Yellow-dk  50m
 '024500-90'  2D  Ø130-210mm  Black  25m
 '024720-20'  3F  Ø160-320mm  Orange  50m
All measures are approximate.  

Range no. 82 - French Range

 Article no.  Diameter approx.  Colour  Length
 '024187-00'  Ø8-16mm  Natural  300m
 '024102-20'  Ø10-20mm  Orange  200m
 '024163-55'  Ø15-25mm  Light blue  200m
 '024284-64'  Ø25-50mm  Light green  200m
 '024164-40'  Ø25-50mm  Purple  200m
 '024253-11'  Ø25-50mm  Yellow-c  200m
 '024342-11'  Ø50-100mm  Yellow-c  100m
 '024421-31'  Ø50-100mm  Red-b  100m
 '024427-65'  Ø100-200mm  Dark green  100m
 '024903-20'  Ø100-200mm  Orange  100m
 '024402-60'  Ø100-200mm  Green  50m
 *) '024721-50'  Ø200-300mm   Blue   50m
All measures are approximate.

*)  Packed in bags with 2 rolls.

Range no. 83 - Classic

 Article no.  Diameter approx.  Colour  Length
 '024105-30'  Ø6-13mm  Red  50m
 '024165-90'  Ø13-26mm  Black  50m
 '024256-20'  Ø26-40mm  Orange  25m
 '024344-70'  Ø40-50mm  Brown  25m
 '024420A-05'  Ø50-65mm  White  25m
 '024513-80'  Ø65-80mm  Grey  25m
 '024610-11'  Ø80-100mm  Yellow  25m
 '024800-55'  Ø100-125mm  Light blue  25m
 '024940-60'  Ø125-160mm  Green  25m
 '024950-12'  Ø160-190mm  Straw  25m
 '024960-50'  Ø190-225mm  Royal blue  25m
All measures are approximate. 

Range no. 84 - Global

 Article no.  Diameter approx.  Colour  Length
 '024106-20'  Ø6-17mm  Orange  250m
 '024203-90'  Ø10-25mm  Black  250m
 '024302-41'  Ø25-60mm  Purple  50m
 '024404-30'  Ø50-100mm  Red  50m
 '024723-11'  Ø100-200mm  Yellow  50m
 '024945-51'  Ø200-400mm  Blue  50m
 '024993-90'  Ø400-800mm  Black  80m
All measures are approximate. 

Range no. 85 - High Stretch

 Article no.  Diameter approx.  Colour  Length
 '024107-36-50'  Ø20-45mm  Pink  50m
 '024259-41'  Ø40-80mm  Purple  50m
 '024420C-60'  Ø75-125mm  Green  25m
All measures are approximate. 

Range no. 86 - Nordic

 Article no.  Diameter approx.  Colour  Length
 '024088-00'  Ø7-30mm  Clear  200m
 '024110-40'  Ø10-25mm  Violet  200m
 '024168-50'  Ø20-70mm  Blue  200m
 '024244-10'  Ø30-70mm  Yellow  200m
 '024416-70'  Ø50-120mm  Brown  200m
 '024415-36'  Ø50-130mm  Pink  200m
 '024417-30'  Ø50-130mm  Red  200m
 '024405-90-1'  Ø100-200mm  Black  200m
 '024403-60'  Ø110-170mm  Green  50m
 '024515-00'  Ø125-250mm  Clear  50m
All measures are approximate. 

Technical Specifications:

EXPO-NET protective sleeving is manufactured from polyethylene. The material is flexible and resistant to greases, oils and mild acids.

The protective sleeving tolerates temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to +85 ° C. It remains soft and flexible and can therefore be reused over and over again.

By request we can supply a folder with samples of above ranges.

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