2.1.2. Biological Trickling Filters with BIO-BLOK®

2.1.2. Biological Trickling Filters with BIO-BLOK®

Biological trickling filters have a high stability towards fluctuating supply of organic matters. Furthermore, the trickling filter is resistant to acute toxicity of waste waters.

Therefore, trickling filters are applied with many advantages as highly loaded pre-treatment plants. By applying BIO-BLOK® in trickling filters, new standards have been made for hydraulic surface loads and organic loads as this modern filter medium does not have the same disadvantages as the old-fashioned stone filters.

  • Today, the trickling filter is the cheapest method of degrading organic matters in waste waters.
  • When comparing the energy consumption of active sludge plants and trickling filters, approx. 3.6 times more energy is used for treating the same volume of waste water if applying active sludge plants.
  • The biological growth quickly and effective becomes established on the BIO-BLOK® filter medium.
  • BIO-BLOK® products do not clog by high organic loads.
  • BIO-BLOK® products have a large hydraulic capacity.

Fields of application:
  • New treatment plants.
  • Increase of treatment capacity in existing treatment plants.
  • Improvement of operation and treatment processes in existing treatment plants.
  • Pre-treatment plants for industries with high-strength loaded waste waters.

Principle Construction of a Trickling Filter:

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